Privacy and Security

It is vital for users to understand that data sent and received over a wireless connection will generally be in clear text and unencrypted. In order to ensure that your private information remains private and secure, you should use the UCR VPN Client, available at, when using the wireless network, and only submit your personal information through secure websites.


E-mail that claims to be from a well-known organization, like UCR, to obtain the recipient's personal information for use in identity theft. When using email you should never reply to any unsolicited message that asks for your personal information.

UCR will never ask you for your username, password or other personal information via e-mail. Additionally, you should always be wary of clicking on links or opening attachments in unsolicited e-mail. If you ever have any questions or concerns about a particular message, you should call the Helpdesk at (951) 827-3555.

Given the importance of this issue, we invite you to view an informative message from Computing and Communications Associate Vice Chancellor Charles Rowley on the matter, available at

Students, faculty, and staff that use the wireless network are assumed to have read and agreed to the entire text of the Wireless Policy and Guidelines document and to have accepted the above rules and conditions regarding the wireless network.

Students violating the Wireless Policy and Guidelines will be disciplined by the UCR Student Conduct Committee as defined in section 103.00 of the UCR Student Conduct Code.


For more information on secure passwords and best practices, please visit the Security @ UCR website at


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